The world of Mariano Carrasco, Dai Shihan

When I heard the News, some time ago, that the Master intended to open a Nanbudo Center in Toulouse, I felt a tremendous joy.
A few years ago, Doshu had told me about the possibility to move to Japan to create his own dojo of Nanbudo. As you may understand, the distance between Japan and France is huge and then we couldn't go as much to Kobe as to Toulouse.
And now, it's a reality !!!!!
Doshu Soke's Dojo is about to open !!!!!!

We, Nanbudokas, must be aware of the sacrifices that Doshu did throughout his life for the sole benefit of our martial art, Nanbudo.
Doshu gave thousands of seminars all over the world, always in order that his students learn directly from him. We must not forget that he lost a lot of his personal and family life to be with us and now we should be the ones to be with him.
By sending you these words, I want to reach the bottom of your heart in order that, among all, Master Nanbu's dream and ours becomes a reality.
I encourage you to visit 's web site and all of us together make our dream come true.
From a nanbudoka's heart to your heart.
The word of Léo Rafolt, Dai Shihan
WNF's Bureau visits the Nanbudokaikan Dojo


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Saturday, 20 July 2024