From 1992 to 2000, the Nanbudo Kaikan was located about 80 km north of Toulouse, near the village of Durfort La Capelette.
DSC0034 WNF LaCapelette

Nanbu Doshu Soke could then organize international seminars during which, for once, nanbudokas were coming to him rather than the other way around. However, this dojo was closed many years ago.
Having reached today the remarkable age of 75, the doshu has, over the course of his lifetime, traveled about 400 000 km, the equivalent of the distance between the Earth and the moon !! These travels weren’t short of intense periods of jet lag and adaptation to new environments, with changes in climatic conditions and life habits.
Nanbu Doshu Soke cannot go on traveling as much anymore and therefore the need for him to have his own Dojo came up again so that smaller-sized international seminars, open to all and regardless of the participants’ level, could be organized, as the doshu always wanted. He will go on organizing other seminars, as long as his health will allow it.

An opportunity has emerged in Toulouse, in the southwest of France, not far from the mythical dojo which is mentioned above.
Toulouse Pont Neuf
The dojo is located in the historical centre of the 4th largest city in France, former capital of the South of France and an important cultural site.

The original building was used as professional offices and therefore needs to be altered completely in order to transform it into a dojo, while respecting administrative constraints due to its protected historical status.
Rehabilitation works started this fall, you can follow their progress on this Blog (in the News chapter). The whole project represents a financial investment and requires a lot of work. Nanbudokas as well as Yoshinao Nanbu doshu Soke’s friends are welcome to contribute.
Construction works could start thanks to the Worldwide Nanbudo Federation who allocated a sum which has been voted in General Assembly in 2010 for the construction of a dojo for Doshu Soke. However, this won’t be sufficient to complete the whole dojo, therefore any complementary help is welcome. You can contribute by clicking on the “Participer” button above. All contributions, regardless of the amount of the donation, will be rewarded with a gift.
You can also contribute by providing know-how in areas such as renovation work, painting, or by spreading the word on the nanbudo kaikan project around you.
Please follow the project progress in the blog’s News!

The date for the opening of the dojo hasn’t been scheduled yet, but hopefully it will happen in early 2019. The opening of the new dojo will welcome you all for an international seminar and a big celebration.