The word of Serge Salvai, Dai Shihan

Dear Friend Nanbudoka,

The dojo Nanbudo Kaikan will open its doors soon and we are at last going to be able to share these wonderful moments between us with Doshu Soke as at the time of the Dojo at the Capelette.
I want to thank you Doshu who has chosen the South-West of France to implant this place which will become the Nanbudo temple for all the Nanbudokas in the world.

We will be able to get together to follow the teaching of Doshu, exchange and continue to work in joy and good mood all that has taught us our Budo Master and this, in the beautiful city of Toulouse, in a neighourhood very enjoyable and pretty.

This is why today, I come with these few words to remind the importance of this project and ask the support of all members of our school, of all their friends, of all acquaintance who might with their donation allow us to finalize this project which is important for us and so important for Doshu.

After having given training courses all over our planet, and this during 50 years, I think that this return toward Doshu is more than deserved. I know I can count on you, friends, Nanbudokas to forward this request in your countries, towns and clubs and contribute according to possibilities of each.

It is with Force, Courage and Conviction that we will reach the end of our project. Thank you.
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Saturday, 20 July 2024