The word of Jean-Jacques Jobin

Jean-Paul our president has known how to bounce on the European Championship to announce the dojo of our Founder Master in Toulouse. This happy event.

As treasurer of WNF, and as a good Swiss, you are expecting me to call for your generosity for this project (that the Association Nanbudo Kaikan will welcome with greatest joy). If, several years ago the general assembly has approved this project, WNF finances today the launching of it but it is the Association Nanbudo Kaikan that is developing it.

So, above the pure financial aspects, supporting the project is also committing yourself to participate to it, there is work to be done and each one can bring its stone to the building. To advertise a little bit for this project, to join is also supporting it and contributing to develop it: finishing the construction works that have already started but also creating the desire to go there to make this dojo live.

I encourage you all to commit in a way or the other in favor of the Nanbudo Kaikan, this “house” of Nanbudo, our family house where we will always be welcomed with open arms.
A precious help from Jean-Marie Mangilli
The word of Serge Salvai, Dai Shihan


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Friday, 14 June 2024