The word of Abdelali Fahim, former president of WNF

We are living today historical times. Doshu Soke Yoshinao Nanbu has given everything and will continue to do everything that can be done… and today, it is our responsibility to give back a minimum to this phenomenon of creativity but also to serve and perpetuate our beautiful martial art, Nanbudo.

The project of Nanbudo Kaikan is a beautiful opportunity. Indeed to have a temple of Nanbudo that will be our common asset is a chance that is offered to us.

Its location in the beautiful pink city of Toulouse seems to me judicious and it is half way for the whole European and African nations meanwhile allowing Doshu a closeness to welcome us.

Each of us, according to its means and networks of contacts can participate in order to build this building.

Your support is crucial


Ali Fahim
Ex president of WNF
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